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MagellanPlus new CALL!
Deadline: 1 February, 2015

OPEN Call: Exp. 357 Atlantis Massif
Deadline: 9 January, 2015

Deadline to apply: 9 January 2015

ECORD Facility Board CALL
Deadline to apply: 5 December, 2014

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The ECORD-NSF Mou is signed!

Atlantis Massif Seafloor Processes: Serpentinization and Life
Next Expedition with Mission Specific Platforms!

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ECORD is open to new partners!

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New IODP Framework for International Ocean Discovery Program
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The document " The Future of ECORD" is now ONLINE!

Welcome to the ESSAC Website!

ESSAC is the Science Support and Advisory Commitee of ECORD
(the European Consortium of Ocean Reseach Drilling).

ESSAC is responsible for the scientific planning and coordination of European contribution to, and participation in IODP, including nominating scientists for IODP cruises and representatives on IODP science panels and committees.
The committee consists of national delegates and alternates of the respective ECORD country member.

For more information regarding ESSAC, its country and funding agency members, the work of the ESSAC subcommittees and the ECORD representation in IODP panels, have a look at the menu "About ESSAC".


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